We have a set price for the most popular packages.

WordPress Themes


A complete wordpress theme of 2 columns or 3 columns: header for personal site or fansite + basic coding + menu + welcome message (optional) + latest pictures (optional).

  • Code: Package #1 (Price: 80$)
  • Code: Package #1a (Price: 100$) – responsive theme (mobile-friendly) + custom widgets (or plugins)

Coding Only

A theme with one or more sidebars: basic coding + menu + welcome message (optional) + latest pictures (optional). Header has to be provided.

  • Code: Package #4 (Price: 150$)

Custom website development

Full website development in PHP or HTML-5

Website made from the sketch, or from the provided (similar) page.

  • Code: Package #5 (Price: 180$)

Modification of existing PHP/HTML-5 template

Help with any modification of the source code and/or existing features.

  • Code: Package #6 (Price: 90$)


Custom Headers/Other Graphics

Perfect for existing wordpress and/or HTML5 templates purchased from us before. This package includes the following:

  • Code: Package #6 (Price: 50$)

For other custom graphics please ask about prices.

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Main services

Below is a brief description of the most popular packages


For those that ordered from us in the past we offer these services at a discounted price: modification of existing features, development of new plugins or widgets, color customization.


We mainly work with PHP, Javascript, Ruby and Python.


A theme with sidebars: consists of basic coding + menus. A customer provides the header.


A complete wordpress theme of either 2 or 3 columns. Includes: header + basic coding + menu and main widgets: recent images, welcome message. Plugins are chosen by the customer.